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Raymond Weil Men’s Sporty Chronograph Watch

February 16, 2014
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One of the most difficult things to come across is a watch that can cross the line from fashion to function while still remaining sporty. Sports timepieces are not always going to have the same look and feel that high-end fashion watches do, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, some companies seem to be able to make both work within the same piece and that’s what you get with the Raymond Weil Men’s Sporty Chronograph Watch. A much closer look reveals that you will definitely get the best of both worlds when you examine the construction and attention to the components used.

This is not a round watch, and that’s the first thing that will strike you. The dial sits behind an anti-reflective sapphire glass and displays an analog setting. It’s a nice contrast, but at 34 mm in case diameter and a thickness of 9.75 mm, it is definitely smaller than most of the other options you will find on the market today. This slim design fits well on the wrist and definitely gets the moniker of sports, but it is not as commanding as some others. The rubber band makes it feel as though it will get you through any strenuous activity and sport you engage in.

Although it isn’t the greatest looking watch in our opinion, it still has a good deal of powerful components. For instance, the stationary bezel fits well around the square design, and the Swiss quarts movements give you a glimpse into the quality of the watch. With 165 feet (50 meters) of water resistance depth, you get a good deal of water resistance. Furthermore, the thing to note is the 50 bar of water pressure, meaning you could jump into a pool or ocean and not worry too much about destroying your watch.

The small size is a bit off-putting, and despite the fact that this is a chronograph, it seems to be lacking in some way. The components in the dial seem squished and that does make it hard to see the time when you’re in a hurry. Some people also noted that the analog display doesn’t match up with their digital mindset, as many people nowadays focus more on digital displays. That’s not a huge downside, but it’s notable, especially with so much information crammed into the dial.

Final Verdict
If you’re a fan of the brand and are considering spending money on the Raymond Weil Men’s Sporty Chronograph Watch, it’s definitely a good choice. It’s not perfect, but it’s a solid mechanism that can tell time and deliver on the chronograph and other little sporty things that you expect to be offered with a crossover style. The rubber band, stainless steel bezel and case alongside the water and pressure resistance, point to a good higher end option. To find out more about this choice, click here.

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