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Raymond Weil Men’s Tango Analog Display Swiss Quartz Silver Watch

February 16, 2014
Overall Score

There is something compelling about a good stainless steel watch for men. Men’s watch companies have a lot of different releases, but with the Raymond Weil Men’s Tango Analog Display Swiss Quartz Silver Watch, we get a very interesting product. At first glance, it looks rudimentary, but that’s truly just the surface. Once you break down the individual components, you will see that attention to detail has definitely been given here. The company has prided itself on delivering quality products, and once again, it shines in this regard.

Starting with the dial window, you’ll notice that the anti-reflective sapphire works quite well. The clarity of design is evident, even in bright lighting. This leads into a good analog display with high-contrast design points. The stainless steel case material shines here, with particular attention given to the tone and shine. Overall size is good with 40 mm of case diameter and 9.5 mm of thickness; you therefore avoid a low profile, but at the same time, you’re not wearing a wall clock on your wrist either.

The bezel material is stainless steel and works very well with the band, giving you a continuous metal finish that is commonplace with this type of watch design.
Looking at the grey dial color, you would think it would come across as drab, but this watch is anything but. It’s a stylized solution that features a great overall quality and attention to design. The stationary bezel would normally be a detractor but it works here with the date and time in the interior. As for the movement, you get a Swiss quartz function, which is high in quality and does impact the price tag just as much as you can expect with most quality watches. It has a water resistance of 165 feet (50 meters).

Reviews are favorable overall; however, some did find the interior to be a bit confusing. The layout and chronograph style display mixed with the Roman numeral settings can be a bit confusing to some. The lack of bells and whistles is another detracting point, but in our estimation, the round design used allows for quick reads and the timing elements are quite nice.

The overall polished stainless steel doesn’t have a high volume contrast and doesn’t shine like silver, which can be somewhat dull. However, the versatility and scratch-resistant sapphire are some things to take note of. Overall, the minor infractions are nothing to put too much stock into.

The Final Verdict
If you’re looking for a high-end stainless steel watch, the Raymond Weil Men’s Tango Analog Display Swiss Quartz Silver Watch is a good selection. It’s priced to move and offers the affinity of a steel timepiece without adding too many bells and whistles that could cause some confusion trying to facilitate the movements. It has a flat finish, which may or may not be something that you find to be negative. With good reviews and Swiss movement, you may find this to be the best watch to wear between board meetings and picking up the kids, while still being able to get in a quick game with your friends. Get one here today.

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